The agriculture sector in Pakistan and Thailand primarily runs on credit transactions. However the financial sector and open market have failed to introduce any products or services that work around this demand, which tops $7.5 billion. This need is currently being met by exploitative middle men, who take the lion's share of any profits leaving smallholder farmers stuck in a cycle of oppression and poverty, year after year.

For the first time in Asia, we offer a wide variety of high-end inputs on affordable and simple credit terms. No long waits or collateral requirements. The process is simple and there is always a Ricult representative ready to help a farmer.

  • Farmers who have less than 10 acres of land each, form groups of 5-10
  • They call the Ricult Credit Officer and initiate their application
  • The Ricult Credit Officer schedules a meeting with the farmers and helps them fill their application form
  • Upon application approval the Ricult Agronomy team visits the farm area for soil testing
  • Based on these agronomy tests results a Product Demand List is generated
  • The team appoints a leader who provides Ricult with a post-dated cheque on behalf of the entire group
  • On completion of the documentation, the farmers get their products delivered, free of cost, to their doorstep within 24 hours.