Digital path to improved productivity

  • Timely pest alerts
  • Weather alerts & updates
  • Soil analytics
  • Intelligent Fertilizer, Pesticide, and Macronutrient

Sell your crops directly

  • Direct access to multiple buyers
  • Low risk
  • Payment in under 48 hours

Buy seeds, pesticides and fertilizer on Credit

  • Easy application process
  • Payment schedule in line with crop cycle
  • Flexible terms
  • No collateral requirements

Top quality inputs made affordable

  • Great selection
  • Top international brands
  • Competitive rates
  • Free delivery

We are in the business of improving productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers in developing countries. Using technology we aim to bridge the credit , information and access gaps that plague these farmers and force poverty on them, generation after generation. By simply addressing the major pain points of these farmers with technology based solutions, we have been able to launch an integrated digital platform that has the potential to revolutionize farming as we know it.

What We Offer

Discount Marketplace

We offer a variety of high quality products at competitive rates, delivered to the doorstep

Crop Selling

We connect farmers to buyers directly, skipping the need for the middlemen and transferring savings to the farmers


We have made getting agricultural inputs on credit easy, affordable and convenient

Agriculture Data Insights & Analytics

From sowing to harvest Ricult takes care of all agronomy problems using cutting edge technology

Those who feed us, need us.

Smallholder farmers and their families in developing countries make up the world's most impoverished segment. Poverty, financial exclusion, malnourishment, lack of basic necessities such as health care, clean water, sanitation, education & electricity are just some of the problems they face in their everyday life. With all the aid and efforts to eradicate poverty and its related ills, one can study the efforts made in the past few decades and understand the key to solving these problems is to enable these farmers to help themselves. In other words, a hand-up rather than a hand-out approach.

We at Ricult built our entire business model around a simple insight. Improving agricultural productivity and profitability was the only sustainable route to stronger rural communities. As a double-bottom line social enterprise, we aim to enable them to become economically independent and improve, not only their own but their families and entire communities standard of living.

Our Beneficiaries

Ricult primarily operates in Kasur District, Depalpur, Sheikhupura and Muridke in Pakistan, and Saraburi in Thailand where we have many satisfied customers. Here’s what a few had to say:

The current system of informal credit was not working for us. We were very upset but Ricult has greatly improved our lives by offering credit at much cheaper prices and providing us with high quality products.

Faraz Shah, Bahadurabad

Our crops would get spoilt even before we were able to sell them… now we already have a buyer lined up even before harvesting. This way we save more and there is no stress.

Syed Soulat, Dollaywalla

Ricult dashboard with its color coding system lets me know in which part of my land, growth is stunted so I can take immediate action unlike before, when areas we couldn’t personally scout we would not know until the end.

Bubpa Worawat, Saraburi