Who are we

Ricult comes from the middle syllables of the word 'Agriculture'. In keeping with this phonetic tradition, Ricult aims to become integral to the agriculture of tomorrow. We feel the world is ready for farming to be revolutionized and become more inclusive and empowering for the very people who form the backbone of this industry. This goal defines the very core of what we are all about. We are not a charity. We are an empowering community transformation. This is the basis for a brighter future, built on hand-ups, not a handouts.

The people that feed us, need us.

Our Promise

To give smallholder farmers the tools they need to be better informed and empowered economic actors - to work their way out of poverty

Our Team: Passion, Perseverance & Relevance

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital world, we bring unique insights, entrepreneurial passion and individual experiences together through the Ricult Team. Our team comprises of a dynamic mix of people who bring with them an abundance of skill, knowledge and determination to succeed. At Ricult, providing solutions to your needs is our core expertise.

Usman Javaid

Chief Executive Officer (MIT)

15 years of experience in Telecom, Mobile Banking, Mobile Agriculture in Pakistan/Bangladesh

Jonathan Stoller

Chief Technical Officer (MIT)

Masters in Computer Science and 4 years of experience in Google, Microsoft, Dow Jones, and the Public Sector

Aukrit Unahalekhaka

Chief Product Officer (MIT)

4 years of experience in Accenture & Cisco in US. Belongs to a family of farmers in Thailand

Gabriel Torres

Head of Risk and Credit Modeling (MIT)

Expertise in Risk Modeling, Hedge Fund Management, Data Modeling and Training

Jiang Xu

Logistics (MIT)

17 years of supply chain experience in China (Cargill) and North America

Abbas Raza

Pakistan Operations

15 years of experience in Telecom - Siemens. 2 years experience with Oxfam in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

Our Partners

Our Supporters