For the first time in Pakistan, Ricult brings to the forefront a system that provides services that bring value to the farmers at every step. We provide smallholder farmers easy and cheap access to credit, higher quality goods, soil testing, free delivery, and a direct link to buyers, leading to improved yields, better quality crop, and higher profitability.

What We Offer

Discount Marketplace

We offer a variety of high quality products at below-market rates, delivered to your doorstep for free

Selling Produce

We connect farmers to buyers directly, skipping the need for the middleman and transferring savings to the farmers


We provide cheap, non-exploitative loans, without the hassle of lengthy processes or any collateral requirements

Soil Testing

We employ world class soil testing and agronomy services to suggest the exact input required

Our Partners

Enjoy the Benefits of Ricult

Ricult has packaged its services to bring value to farmers at every step of the way. Firstly, and most importantly, Ricult provides access to credit at affordable rates to smallholder farmers. Secondly, inputs are suggested to the farmers only after scientific testing, making the selection of farm inputs more efficient and cost effective, directly improving yield.

Inputs provided are always of high quality and at competitive rates. Ricult provides home delivery, a concept unheard of in these rural markets, within 24 hours of order placement, saving the farmers time, hassle, and money.

Furthermore, once the crop cycle is over and farmers harvest their crops, Ricult directly links them up to buyers, skipping the middlemen and transferring savings to these farmers.

Who’s Using Us?

Ricult has thousands of satisfied customers either buying, selling, receiving financing or learning from the best in their industry. Here’s what a few had to say:

"The current system of informal credit was not working for us. We were very upset but Ricult has greatly improved our lives by offering credit at much cheaper prices and providing us with high quality products."

"Faraz Shah, Bahadurabad"

"Our crops would get spoilt even before we were able to sell them… now we already have a buyer lined up even before harvesting. This way we save more and there is no stress."

"Syed Soulat, Dollaywalla"

"I heard about Ricult through a friend…I contacted the supervisor who came over to my house right away and within 24 hours we had inputs delivered to our farm, free of charge."

"Sagheer Hussain, Nizampoorah"